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School Policy


Dress code: 
- Green T- shirts or polo shirts with school Logo
- Black long pants (they must be completely black and without stripes on the sides)
- Wear athletic shoes 
- Come to class in uniform. Must follow school dress code, otherwise go home to change or purchase the uniform at the school.

Signing in:
- Students must sign in every class.

- Registration is open throughout the year. Please consult with the General Businsess Team for registration process and fee.
- $50 fee per student for each calendar year, and registration fee is non-refundable.
- Non-registered students are allowed to attend Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday morning classes at the First Colony Mall only.
- Registered students can attend as many classes as they like.
- Only registered students are allowed to attend any seminars which are held by the school.

School Regulations:

1. USA Tai Chi Academy is a non-profit organization serving the greater Houston area. Its objectives are to promote Health Qigong and Tai Chi which is a traditional Chinese martial art, and to improve the physical and mental health of its students

2. Any person may apply to the Academy and be accepted as a student. The Academy does offer a “one-class” trial period for the potential student to try out. After the trial period, if he or she decides to stay, he or she will become a student and will follow the student regulations.


3. When coming to Tai Chi, Health Qigong & Martial arts practices, students should wear school uniform, dark-colored (black) long pants and shoes with good support and balance. Jeans, short pants, formal office shoes, high heels, sandals and bare-foot are inappropriate.


4. Although Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise, those with health problems or women with pregnancy should consult with their physicians before starting practicing.


5. The teaching and the supporting staff of the Academy are non-paid volunteers.


6.Students of the Academy are expected to attend classes regularly. If a student misses classes for four (4) consecutive weeks without obtaining permission to leave from  the Academy, he or she is considered dropping out from the class voluntarily. Every student is required to sign in for every class attended.


7. Students should come to the class on time, stay for the entire class, and actively participate in class activities. Students coming late should enter quietly so asnot to disturb other fellow students. Students are also expected to participate in other activities that the Academy conducts or takes part in. 

8. Students should turn off their cell phones or put them on vibration during class hours.


9. USA Tai Chi Academy is considered itself a big loving family. Students should pay due respect to the teaching and supporting staff(s) and to their fellow students. Members of the Academy are expected to care for each other and help each other in all aspects of life. 


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