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     USA Tai Chi Academy, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is one of the largest Tai Chi schools in the United States, with over 150 members.  We offer classes six days a week at ten locations.


     The founder of the academy is Master Jason Leung, who won numerous competitions in China and in the USA. In 2003, he started teaching Tai Chi at his church for free. Throughout the years, number of students has grown tremendously. To reach out for larger demographics, Master Leung approached the city governments and gained their support in 2009.

     Now the USA Tai Chi Academy has permission to use eight community centers / senior centers in the greater Houston areas free of charge. Its number of students has grown over 150 people with diverse demographic backgrounds. Master Leung is creative in promoting Tai Chi. Besides utilizing community centers, the Academy also offers Tai Chi classes in shopping mall before the stores open, which also brings consumer traffic to the mall and is appreciated by the stores.

     Classes offered by the Academy include traditional Yang style, as well as the Chinese national competition forms of Chen, Wu, Wu/Hao, Sun and Yang style. The Academy also recruited instructors teaching on a volunteering basis. It also appoints senior students as teaching assistants. Different Tai Chi styles are taught in the classes, including Tai Chi bare hand forms, Tai Chi swords, sabers, staffs, short staffs, fans...etc. Students can take as many classes as they prefer at any location.  In addition to Tai Chi, the Academy also teaches health qigong exercises and other martial arts.

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Alief Community Center

Bayland Community Center

First Colony Mall

Imperial Park Recreation Center

Sharpstown Community Center

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